Sunday, January 23, 2005

The defining moments of globalization

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Globalization has its defining moments where we realize that we have been connected and experience and participate in global events in ever more direct or immediate ways: The pictures of earth from space, Live aid, the bombing of Bagdad in the first Gulf war, and 9/11, of course,
Our family spent six weeks in Sri Lanka last year, a good part of them along the wonderful southern coasts that have now been devastated by the tsunami. Naturally, this disaster seems much closer and understandable to the many people who have been to the affected areas.
It gets personal. We met this guy, Dayasena, a fisherman, while my son and I were having a haircut in a local barbershop. We had some great discussions and a wonderful day out on his boat. We knew he lived very close to the ocean so we have been worrying a lot about him and his family. We wrote him but didn't really believe that a letter could be delivered, considering the mess, we've seen on pictures. But, we just got a letter back from him - amazing. His boat has been wrecked, but his house happens to be on a small hill so it was safe.
Now we have to figure out how to get some money down to him.

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