Sunday, February 13, 2005

New job!

I suppose I should make an announcement:
I've changed jobs. I now work for Danfoss Universe in Nordborg, Denmark.
Danfoss is one of the largest Danish companies, they make thermostats, valves, pumps - all kinds of components for houses and macinery.
The foundation behind the company is starting up an experience park with the purpose of presenting the basic concepts of natural science. Like an exploratorium, the idea is to introduce children to the fascination of science and technology in a hands-on way. The park will open may 5th, starting out with 135 different exhibits (including a 20 meter high blue cube with an 18 meter artificial geyser, an artificial glacier and a simulation of a volcano inside). There will also be an educational center based on Howard Gardners 7 intelligences. Over time, the intention is to make Danfoss Universe a center for developing better ways of teaching natural sciences.
It's a subject that is dear to my heart, but what's most exciting to me is what we potentially will be able to build on this platform. There's any number of important stories to tell.
You can see a little at our rudimentary website below. It WILL become a lot better, very soon.
Danfoss museum and teknorama

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