Saturday, April 09, 2005

If you need a hotel in Århus

I stay in a lot of hotels, but very rarely do they leave much of an impression, and if so it's usually for the things that don't work - like plumbing in British hotels. A few days ago I stayed at Hotel Guldsmeden in Århus, Denmark. It is used by the school of journalism for a lot of their guests and students.
This may sound a bit dramatic, but the place was a reminder of the importance of insisting on quality, beauty and kindness.
It's a three star hotel, not a high end place. The room I slept in was 995 kr, but they have cheaper rooms as well.
It had beautiful furniture, original art on the walls, it was absolutely clean, and there was free wifi access (such a positive gesture). Breakfeast was the best I've had in quite a while.
Anyway, it's hard to describe, but what made the difference was the sense that this was a very personal project - a project with the clear aim of making the stay nice for the guests.
(They have a new hotel in Copenhagen also. I'll have to try that out)
Now you know.

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