Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Chinese phrases for key cultural concepts

Here are some Chinese phrases that anyone dealing with China might find useful to know: 

Fendou - 奋斗 
Struggle, hard work. There’s a strong belief that hard work and plain living is the way to build up a person – and a country, as well. Fendou is the drive that allows China to catch up

Renao - 热闹
Lively, hot, noisy. Whereas Danes typically prefer a quiet, orderly setting, Chinese often like to go where everyone else is mingling, talking, eating.

Mianzi - 面对
Face. Showing a big face, protecting face is very important. Nice clothes, a big car, an impressive façade on the house, paying the bills at restaurants – even if you can’t really afford it.

Shanzhai - 山寨
Literally: The bandit’s nest. Refers to pirated copies and low quality semi-legal products. Shanzhai companies are used to working fast, delivering what customers want, really cheap and with whatever means it takes.

Hexie, 和谐
Harmony. A very important concept in later years. Chinese leaders have emphasized the wish to develop a harmonius society, with comfortable, stable and fair relationships. Family and teams in companies should also be in harmony.

Shuang -
If something is just great, feels wonderful, clear, bright and satisfying, the Chinese will call it Shuang, in an affectionate voice.

Jia You-  加油
Literally means: Add gas. Usually a shout to encourage someone to work harder: Go! Commonly used at sporting events, or to ask employees to speed up.

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