Friday, March 11, 2005

What's wrong with this picture?

DSB tea
Originally uploaded by Peter Hesseldahl.

Well, it looks perfectly normal, it IS perfectly normal - and that's what's wrong.
I'm on a train, I ask for a cup of tea. So I get:

1 paper cup
1 tea bag
approx. 150 ml. Hot water
1 wooden stick to stirr
2 plastic container, sealed with aluminium foil, each containing 10 ml. Of low fat milk
1 plastic cup - to place the used tea bag in.
1 napkin

I hate it. I feel sad about it. Wasting the world for silly little things. Often I will simply not ask for anything, but as often I forget - and again I sit there with this pile of highly refined garbage. Certainly, I've tried FAR more consuming solutions to the problem of getting me a cup of tea or a bite to eat. It's out of proportions, but we've become blind to it.

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