Tuesday, January 31, 2012

6 characteristics of the future web

Kevin Kelly remains an amazing intellectual force. In this podcast – of a presentation he gave at the Web 2.0 conference back in November - he presents his 6 characteristics of our relationship with the future web:

- Screening, every surface will be a window to information

- Interacting, we will be IN the web, not on it, with full body interface to ubiquitous data.

- Sharing. Anything that can be shared will be shared, and when information is shared it will increase in value.

- Flowing, data will be organized like streams, moving forward, weaving together the data emitted by every object and every person. The default mode is always on

- - Accessing. Without owning. You don’t buy individual items – books, music, films – you access it when you need it.

- Generating, raw data will have little value, but qualities that are generated for a particular context will be where the money is.

The whole thing lasts 20 minutes. You will feel wiser afterwards.

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