Monday, August 10, 2015

Paradox: Democracy is winning and losing

If there’s one thing we will fight for in the West, it’s democracy. We try to be tolerant of all cultures and customs, but we will send soldiers to fight to help to spread democracy. Free and fair elections. Every person has a vote and the same right to influence society – regardless of income. Freedom of speech, politicians chosen by the people and accountable to their constituencies. These are true marks of progress.

But while we’re sending troops and making high and noble sacrifices to support democracy, our own democracies are deteriorating and in need of some sort of overhaul.
Politicians often seem more concerned about re-elections and their placement in the poll of the moment, than in making decisions that are necessary but in-convenient. Politicians spend considerable time collecting funds for election campaigns – and obviously, in return the donors expect”their” candidate to defend their interests and listen to their lobbyists. When the masses occasionally get mad and go to the streets to be heard, they will be massively covered by special forces, documenting everything in detail.
The United States is a particularly clear example of these democratic shortcomings – but it is also an example of how democracy seems to be stuck in a super close tie between two increasingly polarized sides, unable to cooperate on solving even extremely pressing issues.

Churchill noted that ”democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried." But it does seem that we need to take that it doesn't get worse.

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