Thursday, August 06, 2015

Paradox: Same same, but different

Supposedly we’re headed for an post-industrial economy where companies compete on offering customers highly individualized products and services. Online configurators, ultra-flexible assembly lines producing in ”batches of one”, or even 3D printed goods, custom-fitted or modified by the user are ways of distinguishing your company in a market crowded with choice.

But actually.. we’re all carrying the same few types of cell-phones in our pocket, all wearing the same sneakers, using the same shaver or toothpaste, eating the same fast food, sipping Starbucks coffee and using Google, Facebook and Youtube like everybody else. The global brands are larger and reaching further into every part of the earth than ever. Each brand wants to give you the feeling that you are special and what you are getting was made just for you. You chose it yourself, but as it happens, you chose the same as everyone else.

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