Friday, November 08, 2013

Mine or our? They are very different games

There is an important difference between mine and ours, when it comes to commitment and roles. It makes a big difference whether it's ”my” project or if its ”our” project – and exactly the same is true for a company or organization, for knowledge, for stuff and gadgets, and for profits ... Are you thinking in terms of ”me” or ”we”? They are different games, with different logics. And my argument would be that we are moving towards more of an ”Our” approach, ​​because it pays off better with the tools we have available, and because it works better with the challenges we must overcome these days. 
If it's ”your” project, well, that's what it is - then it's not mine, and it’s not any of a lot of other potential contributors’. That makes a difference, and we should be aware of its implications.

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iK Way said...

Good Thought.
Unfortunately most of the managers and 'Leaders' don't think so. This is the curse of most of the 'TEAM BASED' works.

All speak team and evaluate based on 'On track', 'Work Measurement' 'Individual Development Plan' etc.,

Once again thanks for a good read.